About my portfolio theme

Honestly, there are a lots of ideas in my mind which make me can’t make decision.

Smiles, people at work, people with their pets, colours, subject framed in a circle shape… These ideas are based on what I like to see and what I want to capture.

These resources below are what I’ve decided to be my theme for the portfolio. (2themes)

1.Subject framed in a circle shape/shape


This theme suggests seeing thing in a new way, life is just simple and we can make it interesting. People and object can both be my subject.

2. People with flowers (portrait)

This could be a bit hard as it’s winter now, the only way can get flowers is to go to flower shop. This themes suggests human and nature are coexist and inseparable. More, encouraging people to appreciate the beauty of nature. Subjectively, it’s because I like nature especially different kinds of flowers.





Shopkeeper portrait task

2nd Nov.

On this day, I was attracted by a Korean food shop during doing this task. There were 2 staffs in the shop and I had told them about this task. I was turned down by one of them, however, the other staff who is a English girl was very generous to let me take portrait of  her. That’s how I could complete my task.

My subject is a nice and lovely girl who’s smiling all the time. The atmosphere walking with her was very comfortable and fun which could help me to take more natural portrait of her. After taking pictures of her, I ordered some food which was my first reason why I entered the shop. At the end, I’ve got the shopkeeper Rebecca’s email and sent the copy of her portrait to her at that night.

  • These are her head-shoulder portraits

Self critique: I’ve put Rebecca in the centre of my screen, she is in focus and the bowls at the back are out focus. Using the line of the shelfs to be horizontal. The light was quite strong as it’s 2:00p.m. and it helped my subject’s face to be showed clearly. As the traditional Korean golden bowl were right behind her, it can be really easy to recognise she’s working in Korean shop/restaurant.

*Rebecca: ‘Smile is the powerful to show your kindness towards people.’ I agree…

  • These are the photos while she’s working and interacting with the chef (It should’ve had one with customer but unfortunately that period was right after lunch-time).

I kept trying to put my subject in the centre and also include her gesture(movement) as her surrounding are quite much.

  • And this is the wide shot of the shop, isn’t that big.


Full of Korean food and beverages in the display window and the fridge.

Street Photography Task

As the contact sheet of the street photography is failed to added here, I would like to share a couple of pictures which I’m quite satisfied with.

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1. Busker in the north street:

There is a busker playing guitar. As the street was pretty busy, people were keep passing by in front of him. Unless staying a while in a corner to capture, there’re always passerby appear in the picture. However, I think the subject is still able to be recognised since he’s in the centre and in focus in the photo while the woman on the left is out focus.

2. Woman listening to music

This was taken in North Laine while the woman’s listening to music with her headphone and walking towards me. She didn’t notice me taking picture of her therefore her expression was very natural. Also, she’s in the centre of the photo and in focus. In my opinion, I think the surrounding of my subject is quite a lot so I’ll try to avoid it and make my photo looks more clear.

3. Strong MOM

At that moment, this mother was walking quite fast and a bit distance from me. I was trying to capture her face and the babies as fast as possible. Therefore, I couldn’t control the lighting and horizontal line well. The background and the woman herself are quick dark in the photo. However, the message of the photo is well indicated.

4. Sweet family

This was a picture which made me think: ‘ oh, I must capture this beautiful moment of a sweet family’ at that time. This isn’t a good photography as it’s not horizontal and too many other objects are in the frame. It would be better if I had only those 2 women and the baby in the screen as well as the level was parallel.

Conclusion of the street photography task

My experience with the camera:
  • As it was during the daytime, lighting can be changing all the time. It’s supposed to adjust ISO and aperture carefully all the time;
  • As I didn’t have a tripod with me, I had to be calm and patient to hold the camera longer in order to take clear photographs.

Besides technical skills, I realised the attitudes of photographers are also very important. Being nice to the subjects can let them feel more comfortable and less rejective to be captured.

Critique for my first ever work for advertising : Polaroid adavet

Here is my advert. video – Polaroid – Instant, forever

Limitations: I’ve already finished the advert. video shooting and editing successfully. As I mentioned on my planning post, we are promoting a FUJIfilm Polaroid advertisement with a reminiscing message. Through the whole shooting and editing process, I’ve met a couple of difficulties of filming such as lighting, weather and video shots. Among all of which, video shots have been the big problem and there was a lot of changes. We found out that the length of our video would be over if we had shoot all the scenes we planned. For example, the first meeting scene has changed to Arseniy’s room instead of seminar room. Also, we had to re-shoot some scenes after checking we had not enough angles we should’ve shoot. When it comes to editing, to be honest I have learnt this in middle school but it couldn’t work well as I didn’t study seriously in computer lesson. Sound effect is the most frustrating part because a suitable genre of music can be very difficult to find. There are three parts of my advert. video: Old woman scene, flashback scene, old woman scene again. Therefore, I’ve spent a long time choosing the sound effect for these three parts as well as it’s limited for my to make choices as we can only download from free sound sites. I paid a lot attention to the pace and vibe of my music.

Successes: On the other hand, I still did some achievement within my work. This’s my first time acting as an old woman and I realised that we should be careful of the old characters’ costumes, make-ups and body languages. I mean, it should make audience feel like she or he is really old. I got these feedback from my family after sending them my video. A clear message has been sent out as well mentioned in their feedback. My media tutor Andrew also agreed that. So, I understood that the montage can work really effectively only if we plan it well before filming. When I was picking up my shots to put them together, I saved my time to cut out some bad shots. Apart of filming videos, I also improved my communication skills as a group member. There are three girls and a boy in our group and there’s something special which is that we all came from different countries and speaking different languages. It’s easy to occur that we can’t understand others’ ideas and thoughts, we tried our best to express our ideas and compromise for each other through the whole process. I felt our relationships have been closer after these 2 months.

Comparison with my source advertisement:

Compared to the source advert. we refered to, one main difference is we’ve created a flashback scene to fit in our theme, reminiscing. We did use Polaroid camera to replace coca cola to be the relations between Olivia and Kureha. And, we also have 4 scenes showing two characters’ daily life and how their relationship develop. It’s not difficult for audiences to recognise our product as it appears and records the moments of O & K in every single scene. While the Coca Cola at the end representing the warm brotherly love, Polaroid’s ending scene can also be connoted that it plays a role of reminding and recording characters’ memories. It is quite a similar structure as our source advert. apart from the flashback. In addition, music has a great effect on my advert. All music I used are lighting and energetic vibes which can let audience feel like using this product is full of happiness.

Branding & Advertisement work:

Mise en scene: Settings and characters, we’ve taken scenes in many different locations. It represents that the camera use can be very wide and suitable to take picture in any places. As our target are 15 or above, the old women scene and flashbacks showing that it doesn’t matter if the users are young or old. Characters have put make-ups and changed specific costumes to fit their identities in the video. Also, their facial expression has shown the camera users are always cheerful and enjoyable using Polaroid to record their precious moments. An added point is that one of the benefits which is a timer has been presented in the video by the characters.  Among of these features have highlighted this brand’s benefits.

Music & Editing: I’ve chosen are all in cheering and lighting vibes music. The pace in the first scene is quite peaceful and smooth which can create a relaxing atmosphere of an old woman’s daily life. And as the old-time memories are coming out from Olivia’s mind, there is faster speed of music because they were young and energetic in the past. It also created some tension. Turning back to the old woman scene which she rushed out to meet Kureha with the more up-beating music which expressed her expectation. Video ended up with a satisfied and good ending. All in all, the musics using here makes audiences watch it in a pleasant mood and bring out a positive image of this product. In brief, unlike the old scenes, there more cuts and faster pace development in the flashback scenes. There a couple of straight cuts in the flashbacks when the reunion scene maintained lots of different angles shots and more camera work like tilt shots.

At last, I’m totally believe that my video has met all the regulations of the Code of Advertising Standards and Practice. Any composition of insult or depreciate, vulgar language aren’t included in the advert; No problems with copyright; Safety is guaranteed.

That’s the end of my critique for my  Polaroid camera advertising video.

What our group has achieved so far…

1. What has the group achieved so far?

we’ve spent 2 dats to film 2 scenes already.
2. What has been your personal role, and what have you done?

Olivia & Kureha are responsible for the characters (acting) and preparation of props & also some directing.

Arseniy & Sara are mainly responsible for the camera work & directing.
3. What problems have you had (individually and as a group)?

As I know, the problems we are facing are weather & lighting.
4. What are you going to do next (individually and as a group) and when?

We are going to film again on this coming Friday.

Planning for a marketing advertisement – Polaroid (camera) inspired by Brotherly love Coca Cola

Our group includes Kureha, Sara and Arseniy.

We are going to produce an advertising video which is inspired by the Tv commercial ‘Coca Cola Botherly Love’. The product we are promoting is the Fuji Polaroid Camera.

Target market: People  who are 15 years old above.instax-mini-8BENEFITS: It contains several highlighted benefits, such as bluetooth, timer, waterproof image and both of it and mobile phone can be connected to send pictures.

MESSAGE: Our message is Reminiscing. Everyone can take pictures on their phones, it can storage thousands of picture. However, what makes a picture more precious is always a hard copy. A genuine photo is unique, the one and only. Even if people lost their photos, they can still get it back from phones.

NARRATIVE: There are two main characters in the story, Olivia and Kureha. Olivia and Kureha are oversea students from Macau and Japan. They meet each other since the first day in University. This story and the relationship of them would be developed by each scene. Olivia is the one who owns the camera. Everytime she hangs out or travels with Kureha, Olivia would bring her Polaroid camera with her. It is seen as the necessary item promoting their friendship from strangers to best friends. After 4-year University life, Kureha is moving to another city and they haven’t contacted each other afterward. Almost 50 years later, while the old Olivia is cleaning up her house with her husband, Arseniy, she accidentally finds a memory box, in which there are the Polaroid camera and so many pictures with Kureha. At that moment, numbers of memories with Kureha in the past rises in her mind then she finds her address when she turns over the photos. Olivia decides to go to London to meet her old friend. She comes out from her house and still remembers to bring her Polaroid camera. Story may end up here or add one more scene that they are having tea in a cafe, next to them is the Polaroid camera.

* Polaroid camera appears in every scene.

SETTING: We will be shooting in these several locations: Arseniy’s drom, seminar room, the Brighton seafront, Olivia’s kitchen, a picnic space and the train station.


Props: 2 suitcases, 2 pillows, poster/doll, shoes, colourful items, the polaroid and the photo papers, memory box and photos;

Costumes: Normal university students outfits, old woman and old man’s costumes, adult granny wig and glasses.